Multimedia Design Course

Design is the process of thinking through the needs of a project prior to committing resources to its production. Before you start coding, drawing, painting, create CAD drawings, forming a production team or seeking funding, you have a proposal that describes the scope, purpose, outcome, and features of the project. The Multimedia Design course at Nashville State Community College is a 13 week instructor-led class designed to help you get clear about your interactive project.
In the course you will create the pre-production documents for a mobile interactive project of your choosing. You will create summary documents, outlines, flowcharts, treatments, wireframes, storyboards, scripts, and typical examples of the content the project will contain. You will get clear on the purpose, audience, goals, and outcomes. You will create a set of documents that clearly lay out your project so that you can clearly communicate the details to your production team. Then you will create a script and storyboard for a Kickstarter video that introduces that project idea to an audience for the purpose of attracting funding. The idea is that all aspects of a project must support its goals, so getting clear on the goals is the first step.
The course is part of Nashville State Community College’s Multimedia Design concentration in the Visual Communications Associate in Applied Science degree. While the course is part of a degree, anyone from the community can enroll as a non-degree seeking student.


Course Name: COM2020 Multimedia Design
Day/time: Monday 1-4PM
Location: Nashville State Community College, Main Campus (White Bridge Rd), Clement Building (C-108)

For more information contact:

Dale Rogers, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor, Web & Multimedia Design
Nashville State Community College
ofc: 615-353-3504