Obama gives some love to Community Colleges

I was glad to see President Obama showing some recognition, and support, to community colleges this week. Community Colleges are an affordable way for workers and students to retool in a down economy and are a real treasure in the community.

Peter Nicholas (LA Times), reports that “with unemployment continuing to climb, President Obama on Tuesday unveiled a plan to pump $12 billion into the nation’s community colleges over the next 10 years to help struggling workers prepare for new careers, saying a better-educated workforce was crucial to long-term prosperity.”

“Time and again, when we have placed our bet for the future on education, we have prospered as a result — by tapping the incredible innovative and generative potential of a skilled American workforce,” Obama said.


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Parry, Marc and Fischer Karin (July 17, 2009). How Obama’s $12-Billion Plan Could Change 2-Year Colleges, Chronicle for Higher Education. http://chronicle.com/temp/email2.php?id=XqqjcpTwySZQJ32SMyyzfbpP2yVhVyhJ

An Obama Story

As a self professed citizen journalist, my ear is always open for news that happens around me during the course of every day life. Isn’t that what citizen journalism is all about? It’s not necessary about hunting down a story. It’s about paying attention and letting my fellow citizens know something that I discovered during the course of my day. Every day life frequently presents  opportunities to report from a unique point of view; i.e. from an ordinary citizen. Here is a small little story that this ordinary citizen can share.

My wife and I had an appointment with our AAA travel agent today to work out the details of a cruise we want to take this summer. The conversation shifted to the economy (which inevitably leads to politics).

Our travel agent told the story of her father-in-law who works for a bus line in Nashville, TN where we live. The charter bus was the one used for the Obama campaign. Her father-in-law had the pleasure of being assigned as the bus driver for Obama’s bus. He had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Obama on multiple occasions.

We were not surprised to hear that her father-in-law spoke of President Elect Obama as being  exactly as the media portrays him; as thoughtful, intelligent, and having a profound love for his family and our country. Her father-in-law said, “He (Obama) is a GOOD man.”

My wife and I campaigned for Obama in our own little way and while we did not have the pleasure of meeting him, we were delighted that such a personal unsolicited endorsement  confirmed what we believed all along. We made a good choice for our candidate.