In the unit A project the author has you create a folder named wwwroot. Why?

When you get a web host account, you’ll find that there a number of folders that you have to work with. One folder will be the designated folder where all of your publicly accessible web files will be located. Different hosts call that folder different things. I’ve seen:

  1. public_html
  2. public
  3. wwwroot

I’m sure there are other folder names in use by other web hosts.

Vodnik asks you to create a folder called wwwroot to put your web files into. So does that mean that ALL your files go there. Not necessarily. You will find that a lot of files go into creating a project. The wwwroot folder in this case will be the upper-most folder for web files for this project. Unless the project plan, wireframes, and storyboard(s) are documents that you want the public to see, you keep them out of the web site folder. This is mostly a good file management practice. If the file is not needed for the web site, then it really doesn’t need to be under the web site’s root folder.

Will having a non web site file under the root folder break the site? No.


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